DIY Conditioner: ACV Rinse

My hair is super tangly. It causes me to need loads and loads of conditioner. When I started using apple cider vinegar instead, my hair was tangle-free!!! It was amazing. There are a few benefits to using ACV on your hair. If you have frizzy hair, it actually may be higher on the pH scale. ACV will lower it and keep it in balance! ACV is naturally antimicrobial. It is wonderful for your hair and scalp and will help reduce itchiness. It’s also rich in vitamins B and C! 

Directions for ACV Rinse:

-Fill a spray bottle ¼ of the way with Apple Cider Vinegar

-Fill the bottle ¾ of the way with water

-Spray onto your hair as needed in the shower and rinse out as usual

You can also add essential oils if you desire! You won’t smell like vinegar afterward, I promise!