5 Things to Put in a Silicone Bag

Silicone bags are an amazing invention! Anything you've ever used a Ziploc bag for, you can use a silicone bag for! We avoid single-use plastic as much as humanly possible, so silicone bags are lifesavers for us! Here are 5 ways you can utilize your silicone bags:

  1. Snacks - This is what we use our bags for the most! I toss crackers, nuts, fruit, bread, and trail mix into these bags for an easy to pack snack.
  2. Make an Ice Pack - I put ice in our smallest silicone bag and put it in my husband's lunchbox to take to work. It keeps his lunch cold and the bags don't sweat and leave a puddle inside his lunchbox.
  3. Food Scraps - I put breadcrumbs in our biggest silicone bag and then store it in the freezer. I can easily scoop out however much I need for various recipes like meatballs or meatloaf. You can also toss extra veggie scraps to make a broth later on. Store it in the freezer until you're ready. You could even put some deteriorating fruit in a bag to make smoothies! 
  4. Meal Prep - Use the largest bags for make-ahead meals. There's plenty of room for soup ingredients or other meals that can be prepped ahead of time. You could also marinate meat inside a bag!
  5. Organize or Store Extra Things - Since these bags are clear, you can put all kinds of odds and ends inside like jewelry, cords, q-tips, hair ties/pins, a sewing kit, money or small documents like a passport. 

What have you put in your silicone bag? I'd love to know!