Going Green: Cloth Diapers

Check out this video for a look at how I cloth diaper! In this video, I show what the different items are that you need to be successful at cloth diapering. In this post, I’m going to answer some of the questions I’ve been asked and review the methods I talked about in the video!

Is it hard to do?

NO! The diapering process is just as easy as disposable diapers. The “hard” thing is that I had to do laundry every single day when Alice was a newborn and now (18 months old), I do it just about every other day. I wouldn't suggest waiting any longer to do the laundry because it can start to smell. Another “hard” thing is that I am not sure how to travel (on a trip for several days) with cloth diapers/it seems like hassle. If I were to travel while cloth diapering, I would have to be in a place with a washing machine and I’d likely have to bring them all with me. I have no plans to go anywhere so this isn’t currently a problem for me. You could use eco-friendly disposables while traveling if you couldn’t bring along your cloth diapers. If I do travel at some point, I will probably just build time into my schedule for laundry. 

Is it financially better?

Absolutely! I was gifted almost all of my cloth diaper supplies. I only bought $30 worth of supplies total. I know this isn’t going to be the case for everyone but overall it is way cheaper. You will be buying disposable diapers constantly. With cloth, you may spend like $300 up front, but you’ll be able to use them for multiple children. Disposables are very expensive. Some people justify their decision to use disposables because they think their water/electricity bill will be wayyyy higher. Not true! My bill is barely higher. Like $10 higher. When you’re spending $50+ a month on disposables, that $10 extra on your bill is a way better deal in the long run. If your diapers are still in good condition when you no longer need them, you can gift them to someone else who needs them! 

Why do you do it?

Disposable diapers never degrade. We try to live an eco-friendly life so that’s why we cloth diaper. Also, your baby likely won’t get a rash with cloth diapering. Disposables are supposedly more absorbent which means your baby is sitting in their pee for longer. That moisture is what causes diaper rashes. With cloth diapers, you’ll change their diaper sooner and your baby likely won’t get a diaper rash.


I’m listing the amount I have of each item. You can decide for yourself if you need more or less! Keep in mind that I do laundry every other day, so you may want more of some items if you don’t want to do laundry that often. I’ve linked the products for you so you know exactly what to buy!

  • diaper covers (12)
  • diaper inserts (24)
  • prefolds (24)
  • snappis (10)
  • cloth wipes
    • I use wash cloths and old t-shirts
  • wet bags (2 large, 1 travel size)
  • diaper spray
    • 1 at each diaper station, I have 2 stations
    • Mix castile soap, witch hazel, and water in a small spray bottle
  • diaper sprayer/bidet
    • I just have one, near my laundry room. You could attach bidets to all of your toilets depending on your needs. This is a necessity for newborn poop, but not as big of a deal with toddler poop (newborn poop is runny, toddler poop is more solid). 


There are 3 methods I know of. After any method, you need to put the soiled diaper into a wet bag. At the end of the day, take all of your wet bags to the washer and wash them. You can keep reusing the cover until it gets wet (unless you use Method #1).

Method #1 – Inserts

Put an insert inside the pocket of your diaper cover and attach around baby (take the insert out when it’s soiled so that it is easier to put in the laundry later). You cannot reuse any part of the diaper when using this method.

Method #2 – Prefolds

Fold the prefold in thirds (hot dog style) and set inside diaper cover. Attach around baby. Reuse cover if not soiled.

Method #3 – Wrap Around

Lay a prefold flat and lay an insert on top. Fold the prefold underneath the insert and wrap around baby. Attach with a snappi. Cover this with a diaper cover and attach around baby. Reuse cover if not soiled.


Put just soiled diapers, wipes, and wet bags (and soiled clothes, if you want) into the washing machine with laundry detergent. Just use the same amount you would with any full load. Then dry it all. Once a month, put all white diapering items in the washing machine with about 1/4 cup of bleach. Wash this again to get the smell of bleach out. Dry all of this.

I hope that was helpful! Please do not hesitate to ask me anything about cloth diapers! I think it is so worth it and I would be more than happy to help you figure out how to do it!