How to Remember Your Reusable Grocery and Produce Bags

We live in a town where plastic bags mostly don't exist! If you go to the grocery store and don't bring your own bag, you have to pay 5 cents per bag and they're paper. If you do a grocery pickup, your groceries come in reusable plastic bags (they're thicker than regular grocery bags). Plastic produce bags do still exist though! 

Since this is how life is for us, we have to make sure to always have bags with us or else we'll have to buy bags. It wouldn't cost that much money to buy the paper bags, but it's so simple to bring our own bags and it aligns with our low-waste lifestyle. 

I have 2 tricks for you to remember to actually bring your bags to the store. 

  1. Keep your bags in the car. I use one bag to hold the rest of my bags. My produce bags are inside of this bag too! 
  2. After your bring your groceries inside and put them away, put your bags by the door. The next time you go to your car, take the bags with you! 

You'll never be without reusable bags with this method! And you'll save the Earth by not adding plastic grocery bags to our landfills!