My No Makeup Story

I started making my own makeup in order to reduce waste and to use products that were better for my body. I made my own foundation, powder, and eye shadow. I started doing this five years ago and I still use homemade makeup today. I also tried to make my own eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick as well, but I never perfected a formula that lasted throughout my day. My concoctions always came off when I sweated or simply stepped outside. For those products, I found a non-toxic brand that I love (W3LL People). But moreover, because I have been using non-toxic, natural makeup for so many years, as well as washing my face with the Oil Cleansing Method, I am finally at a point where I don’t wear makeup very often anymore and my skin is fine without it. 

In college, I was required to wear makeup (I was a dance major). After college, I was pursuing a career in dance and attending countless auditions. This meant I was wearing a lot of makeup every day. Even when I didn’t need to wear makeup on a day off, I still did. My skin color was uneven and I occasionally had acne. I felt like I needed makeup to cover up imperfections, but looking back, the real reason was that I was used to looking at myself in the mirror with a full face of makeup. That was what my face was supposed to look like. I wasn’t used to my bare face and I didn’t think I was my most beautiful self without makeup on. 

This wasn’t completely my fault though. I have blonde hair (including my eyelashes and eyebrows) and I am pale. Since my teenage years, people have always asked me if I am sick or tired whenever they saw me without makeup on. This caused me to not feel comfortable with a naked face. 

Ever since I’ve known my husband, Harry, he has always complimented me on my looks when, in my opinion, I looked terrible. But the crazy thing is he sincerely thinks I am beautiful when I am my most natural self, without makeup on. I know he’s not the only man who thinks their wife or girlfriend is the most beautiful sans makeup. He asked me recently why I wear makeup. It should be to impress him, right? Isn’t that the point of attract a mate? I mean, this is the animal kingdom, after all. So if Harry has told me countless times that he loves my face without makeup, why do I continue to wear it? That was when I realized I wear it because that’s how I’ve grown accustomed to my face when I look in the mirror. And also to avoid the “are you tired or sick” questions. 

The COVID quarantine allowed me to stop wearing makeup as much. In the beginning, I still did wear it on occasion. But I’ve barely worn makeup in the last year. Probably less than five times total. I have always been jealous of anyone who doesn’t wear makeup and still looks beautiful. So after the years of wearing healthy makeup and having a natural skincare routine, along with always being inside the last year, my skin is fine without makeup and my soul is happier without it, too. Natural is beautiful, and if the people around you are telling you otherwise, you need to be around different people. 

It’s taken me 29 years to be okay with the way my face looks without makeup on. Writing that down makes me feel really sad. I have not had anywhere near the number of struggles most women have when they look in the mirror, but it still took me that long to feel good in my natural state. So first of all, please do not ask someone if they’re sick or tired. You can silently discern that for yourself and just do something helpful for them instead. If they are indeed sick, they’ll really appreciate your kind gesture. If they aren’t sick and are simply not wearing makeup like they usually do, they will still really appreciate your kind gesture. And secondly, you are beautiful without makeup on.