Canola Oil

Canola oil is one of the base ingredients in our soap! You've probably heard bad things about this oil but let me start by easing your mind. The canola oil we use in our soaps is non-GMO, organic, and expeller pressed. That's as good as any oil can get!

Conventional canola oil is often GMO and produced with a chemical solvent called hexane. But like I said, ours is not! This article busts a lot of myths about canola oil and really explains the history of canola oil and how organic canola oil can even be possible! I really encourage you to take a look at this short article so that you fully understand what canola oil is. Many people just think canola oil is bad for you because it is associated with high cholesterol and heart disease, among other potential health risks, but there's really more to it.

When you see canola oil on our labels, I hope you will remember that your body is not metabolizing it as it would if you consumed it. Since soap is a topical, your skin will reap the benefits of its fatty acids. It locks in moisture on your skin and keeps it supple and smooth!

We like to use canola oil because it softens our soap. Coconut oil is excellent for lather/suds and for producing a really hard bar. But when the soap is too hard, it can crack pretty easily. We balance our formula out with canola oil and we're left with a softer bar of soap (not too soft though!). It produces a great lather and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized! 

Have you noticed tall, yellow flowers along roads or out in fields? It's probably canola! We saw canola pretty frequently in Oklahoma but I've been pleasantly surprised to see it growing wild here in Oregon too! It's a pretty sight to behold and if you see it growing somewhere, you'll be glad to know more about this little plant! 


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