Clay As Colorant

We only use natural plant-based colorants and clays in our soaps. We'll never use mica or other minerals, like iron oxides and titanium dioxide. I highlighted why we don't use mica in our soaps in this blog post. But why don't we use minerals? They're from the Earth, right? Well...most minerals used in makeup and soap are indeed found on Earth, but the ones in your products were likely synthetically made in a lab. They do this to eliminate the possibility of various problematic elements, like lead and manganese, being in your makeup or soap. These minerals are highly processed in a lab by thermal decomposition, precipitation, and calcination. You can read more about how these are made here: 

EcoStore Article

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Besides being synthetically made, these minerals don't provide any actual benefits to your skin. But plant-based colorants and clays do!

Okay, enough about why we don't use certain ingredients. Let's talk about why we DO use clay! Clays are wonderful! Here's why:

  • exfoliation (with the mildly abrasive nature of clay, it helps scrub away dead skin cells)
  • detoxification (dirt, sebum, and toxins bind to the clay to be washed away)
  • softens skin (the exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells leaves skin soft)
  • soothes skin (clays reduce inflammation)
  • tightens pores (which reduces acne)

We use Moroccan Red Clay to color our bestselling soap - Apothecary's Blend. This soap can be used on your body and your face to achieve these fantastic benefits.

Natural benefits and a lovely color! Does your titanium dioxide provide these benefits? (hint: no)