Eucalyptus Essential Oil

I love the herbal, minty fresh smell of eucalyptus. It might remind you of medicine you've used when you had a cough or sore throat - and for good reason! It helps soothe your throat and suppress a cough! Eucalyptus is an active ingredient in several traditional over the counter medicines. This is definitely a good oil to use in times of illness and pain. 

Check out all of these benefits:

  • helps suppress a cough
  • helps clear out mucus
  • clears nasal passageways
  • it's antibacterial
  • can freshen breath
  • disinfects wounds
  • eases joint pain

Our Detox soap contains eucalyptus oil! You can find it here. If you're able to get your hands on some fresh eucalyptus, you can hang a few sprigs upside down in your shower to reap all these benefits! Our Sprig In Your Step beard oil also contains eucalyptus essential oil and has a lovely bright but grounded scent!