Peppermint Essential Oil

Mmmm minty fresh! Can you just feel your sinuses clearing out?! No? Well you will if you use our Mint Condition soap! It’s made with peppermint essential oil and it’s one of our long time favorite scents. This one has been around since the beginning! 

We love peppermint for a few different reasons! When you use the soap, it’ll leave your skin feeling slightly tingly and your nasal cavities will open right up! Peppermint essential oil has tons of other therapeutic benefits too! 

  • It helps kill germs
  • It relieves pain 
  • It’s soothing and can help stop itching
  • It can settle your stomach ailments and prevent vomiting
  • It boosts blood circulation 
  • It’ll help you focus

I love lighting a Mint Condition candle when I have a lot of work to get done. I also like to use our Mint Condition soap when my skin feels itchy or I feel extra grimy from the day. It’s a versatile essential oil and it’s truly a classic! 

We offer several products that contain peppermint essential oil! 

Mint Condition Soap

Koala Mint Soap

Detox Soap

Mint Condition Lip Balm

Mint Condition Hand Balm

Mint Condition Candle

Mint Condition Mini Jar Candle

Detox Essential Oil Roll-On Blend