Plant-Based Colorants


At HK & Sons, we only use natural ingredients! What's more natural than plants?! We know it's fun to have colored soap and we'll never use synthetic minerals or unethical micas to make this happen. Instead, we use plant-based colorants and clays. 

If you ever see really brightly colored soap, it's likely been made with synthetic minerals as colorants. Our plant-based colorants produce more muted, natural colors. Our Mint Condition and Evergreen soap are both made with nettle leaf powder to give them a beautiful green color.

While it's very possible that plant-based colorants provide benefits to your skin upon use, the most ideal way to get therapeutic benefits from plant-based colorants is by ingesting them. 

These are the plant-based colorants we currently use in our products:

  • spirulina (this is an algae, ours is non-GMO and organic)
  • chlorella (this is an algae, one of Earth's oldest living organisms)
  • nettle leaf (this is a popular plant for medicinal uses, ours is organic)
  • paprika (this is from the fruits of the plant capsicum annuum, ours is organic)
  • alkanet root (alkanet is a plant with blue/purple flowers, its root is the part that creates a beautiful dye, ours is wild harvested)
  • annatto (this is from the seeds of the achiote tree, ours is organic)
Can you believe that these are all plants that produce beautiful colors?! We source our colorants from a company that grows and harvests them ethically and sustainably. In our opinion, this is the only way to use colorants in our soap -- nothing synthetic here!