Tea Tree Essential Oil

Ahh tea tree oil! It's the first essential oil I tried. Back when we lived in NYC, I developed a weird rash on my hand. My mom was starting to get into essential oils and suggested I put some tea tree oil on it to help the rash heal. I was SO not on board with this idea. I was not a believer in essential oils at all. But once I used this oil on my rash, it did soothe the itchiness quite a bit. It didn't heal my rash completely (it was a really bad rash that would continue to haunt me for several years). It turns out that it was related to mold in my house. I didn't realize this until 4 years later. Nothing could stop this rash besides removing the mold. But it is nice to utilize oils to aid in healing, even if they can't completely cure the problem. 


Tea tree oil has some amazing benefits besides soothing itchiness:

  • it kills bacteria and viruses 
  • it's an insect repellant (some people use it on their plants in the garden but it can also be used on your skin)
  • it's a natural deodorant (it kills bacteria, which is what causes you to stink in the first place)
  • it's antiseptic (you can use tea tree oil on cuts and wounds)
  • it gets rid of fungus
  • it reduces inflammation
  • it helps relieve psoriasis  


As you can see from these benefits, tea tree oil is a SUPER bacteria fighter. This makes it an amazing oil for multiple applications - skin, hair, face, armpits. It's also known for helping with itchy, scaly skin (like psoriasis or strange rashes), which makes it a great oil for a facial cleanser (goodbye acne!) or for healing recurring skin issues.  Our All-Over Oil contains tea tree oil and makes it a wonderful facial cleanser! Check it out here.