The Scoop on Shea Butter


Today we’re talking all about Shea Butter! And let me tell ya, this butter is awesome! 

First up, just a few benefits of using shea butter:

  • It's incredibly moisturizing
  • It’s anti inflammatory and can soothe skin irritations like psoriasis and eczema
  • It’s antifungal
  • It can help fight acne
  • It can be an added sun protection, not to be used on its own, but with an SPF of 3, it does help!
  • It soothes the skin after sunburns and other wounds

Why does it provide all these benefits?

It contains various fatty acids, triglycerides, and vitamins A, E, and F.

Where does it come from?

The shea tree is grown in Africa. These trees are mostly grown in parklands where trees are simply left to grow. They begin to bear fruit around 15-20 years of age. With a lifespan of 100-200 years, you can harvest a lot of shea over time!

Shea is an important source of income for many people, specifically women, as they’re the main harvesters of this product. If you’re interested in learning how shea butter is harvested, check out this page:

Other uses

Since shea butter is mostly grown in Africa, shea is a part of the local diet.

The water used in the preparation of shea butter creates an oily texture which helps make the plaster for building their homes waterproof! Check out one of these homes here:

Shea Butter in HK & Sons products

Shea butter can be found in our lip balm and hand balm. Many folks with skin issues love using our hand balm because it provides so much moisture and doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff! 

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