The Oils in HK & Sons Detox Soap

Detox is one of our most popular soaps! It's made with charcoal to help pull toxins out of your skin! It can be used all over your body and if you like to use a bar on your face, this is the one to use! 

There are 3 essential oils in this soap - lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. All of these oils have several amazing benefits by themselves. Together, these oils will clear your nasal passageways, calm you down, lift you up, and soothe your skin! The scents and the charcoal will allow you to detox. We all need to detox every now and then, so make sure to grab this soap to keep in your arsenal. 

Here are the key benefits to each ingredient in our Detox soap. You can read more about each ingredient by clicking on each link.

Lavender: calming and relaxing

Peppermint: boosts blood circulation and kills germs

Eucalyptus: clears out mucus, suppresses cough

Charcoal: pulls toxins out of your skin